Product advantages


Reliable, practical and comfortableReliable, practical and comfortable

At Curan we develop high-quality, safe products that are made to meet the demands of end-users. We hereby aim to offer a comfortable, hygienic, pain-free and problem-free solution for people with incontinence. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients with bladder problems.


Safe self-catheterization with Curan

Throughout Europe we supply a fine selection of urology products and user-friendly catheters for clinical use, and for use at home and away from home. All Curan products are free from aggressive softening agents and fitted out with smooth polished eyelets, which allow for risk-free insertion and prevent irritation. The catheters are available in various styles and sizes and some are provided with a hydrogel or hydrophilic coating. This means that they are safe, comfortable and simple to use for everyone.