Curan medical products

Innovative incontinence and urology products


Curan's urology products and catheters offer suitable solutions for both end-users and medical specialists:


  • made according to the wishes of users and professionals
  • based on years of knowledge and experience
  • extensively tested, so safe and reliable
  • intended for intermittent self-catheterization
  • free from aggressive softening agents


High quality guaranteed

All Curan products meet the highest quality demands, in accordance with European standards. Before a product leaves our factory, it has undergone repeated strict inspections. This allows us to offer comfort and optimal security.


All Curan products carry CE marks and our production unit has EN ISO 13485:2012 certification. Furthermore, our cleanroom is certified according to class 10,000.


Curan: specialist in intermittent catheterization and urology products


Safe intermittent catheterization with Curan 


Product advantagesThroughout Europe we supply a fine selection of urology products and user-friendly catheters for intermittent use – in the clinic, at home and away from home. All Curan products are free from latex and aggressive softening agents (PVC free from latex and phthalates) and provided with smooth polished eyelets, which allow for risk-free insertion and prevent irritation.


Our product advantages