Curan catheters' highlights


Test results have shown that more than 70% of people who use Curan catheters for the first time want to continue using them. Experience the advantages of Curan for yourself and request a sample.




The importance of polished eyelets

The importance of polished eyelets

All Curan catheters have polished eyelets: super-smooth openings allowing for 100% risk-free catheterization, with no irritation and no scratches.





Curan innovation: Blue Grip®

Curan innovation: Blue Grip®Our mail catheters are fitted with the unique Blue Grip®: an ingenious tool for inserting catheters hygienically, without hand contact. Very hygienic and practical.





High-quality coating for comfortable catheterization

High-quality coating for comfortable catheterizationYou can choose for yourself whether you want to add hydrogel when catheterizing. To make things easy for you, many Curan catheters are already provided with hydrogel or a hydrophilic coating. The catheters with hydrogel are ready to use. Catheters with a hydrophilic coating must first come into contact with the sterile water in the packaging. The activation time is only 25 seconds, after which you can use these catheters safely and comfortably.



PVC free of latex and phthalates (all aggressive softening agents)

free of latexAll Curan products are free of latex and aggressive softening agents (phthalates and latex-free PVC)






Soft universal connector

Soft universal connector

All of Curan’s catheters feature a universal colour coded, soft and flexible connector.